MAXe Post Single Sided with Glide (Series 3)

Measurements: 1480 H x 32 W x 32 D

Colors: Chrome/Black/White

Code: E1115.3CH/BK/WH


This Series 3 MAXe post is single sided, 1480mm high, 32mm wide and 32mm deep. Available in chrome, black or white. All our posts have a 40mm pitch. (The distance between the top of one hole to the top of the hole below it) You can mount our posts flush to the wall on a baton, offset with a mount and spigot, or as a free standing unit with feet. When assembling with feet and heels make sure the post is taking the weight of the load, adjust glides as needed to create a level display. Create your own unique display by adding back panels, shelves, hangrails or backrails.

Other heights available in black are 1240mm, 1800mm and 2360mm.

If you have Series 2 MAXe and Series 3 MAXe post to feet connections do not mix. Therefore you must use a Series 3 foot with a Series 3 post, and a Series 2 foot with a Series 2 post.

MAXe Post Single Sided with Glide (Series 3) 1480mm H

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