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Q: What is slatwall?
A: Slatwall is an extremely versatile merchandising display system that is used throughout the retail, industrial and warehousing industry. It’s very easy to use and there’s hundreds of merchandising accessories that can be used with slatwall. You’ve probably seen slatwall while out shopping just not realised what it’s called.

Q: Can I order custom made slatwall, ie a smaller piece rather than 2400mm x 1200mm?
A: Of course you can, while this option is not yet available online we suggest that you give us a call on 1300 662 390 to discuss your options or email us at


Q: What if the area I need to cover in slatwall is large?
A: That’s great, we have a few options available, including a half-slot option so your slatwall panels can be seamlessly joined together on top of each other concealed behind an extrusion. We recommend that you measure the desired area and email us to discuss your requirements or if you’re located in the Melbourne metro area he maybe able to come out and assist.

Q: How long does it take for my order to be ready?
A: Depending on the qty of slatwall ordered and the colour/laminate selected we can usually process slatwall orders within just a few days but if you are unsure and require a certain turnaround we recommend that you give us a call on 1300 662 390 or email us

Q: What if the colour/laminate I want is not listed?
A: We have a close relationship with the Laminex Group & Formica therefore we can get great rates on their extensive range of laminates from the Laminex and Formica range of products. We encourage you to give us a call on 1300 662 390 or email us to request a quote.

You can see the Laminex colour range here or the Formica colour range here.

Q: What way does the grain run in your woodgrain range?
A: The woodgrain always runs vertical (top to bottom) on a portrait (1200w x 2400h) sheet of board. If you order a landscape sheet or kit then the grain will run horizontally across the board. Please give us a call if you are unsure.

Q: What accessories can I use on slatwall?
A: There’s hundreds of different accessories that you can use on your slatwall. Take a look at all our accessories in our online store or view our catalogue online.

Q: How do I install my slatwall?
A: This is a great and important question! As we get asked this question a lot, we want your slatwall to be securely installed so we’ve drawn up some installation instructions for you to download. It’s important that you make sure your slatwall is secure before hanging products.

Split battens which assist in the easy mounting of your slatwall are supplied with all our Slatwall Kits so we recommend this product. If you require split battens with your DIY slatwall please let us know so we can include this in your quote.


Q: What does slatwall weigh?
A: A standard size sheet of slatwall weighs approx. 30kgs. A standard size slatwall kit including your T-extrusions and edging weighs approx. 45kgs.



Q: How is my order packed before sending?
A: All slatwall orders are packed securely on a 2420mm x 1220mm pallet.

Q: Where do you ship?
A: Anywhere within Australia! However, we use different courier companies depending on your location therefore once you place your online order we will then contact you with a firm shipping price as we have to calculate the dimensions and weight of your order. Otherwise you’re welcome to use your own shipping company.

MELBOURNE (METRO): If you are located in the Melbourne metro area then you can view our approximate Melbourne shipping rates here (based on 1 standard pallet with a max load of 1 tonne – approx 25 slatwall sheets). Please note these prices are subject to change periodically.


Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive once dispatched?
A: This depends on your location and the courier company that we use for your order. They will provide us with an estimated delivery date, we can provide you with this once shipping is confirmed.

If you are in the Melbourne metro area and your location is listed in the document above then shipping is usually same-day if booked before 12pm (for same day) otherwise it’ll be the following business day. It’s best to give us a call once your order is ready to discuss your shipping options.


Q: Do I need to be in attendance when my order is being delivered?
A: Yes, you will be required to assist with the unloading of your order via courier and in most cases sign to accept the delivery. The pallet is yours to keep – we recommend that you recycle and make a pallet bed or a pallet planter box.


Q: What happens if I’m not in attendance at the time of delivery?
A: Unfortunately if you’re not there to accept your delivery the goods will be returned to us in Clayton (at a fee) and then we will have to reschedule another delivery attempt which will incur additional delivery fees.

Q: Can I pickup my order?
A: Yes, of course you can! Once you receive a phone call or email stating that your order is ready for pickup you are welcome to drop by our factory and collect your order. We are located at 52B Winterton Road, Clayton, Victoria 3168. Our factory is open Mon – Thurs 8am – 4pm or Fri 8am – 3pm.

Q: Do you have a showroom?
A: Yes, if you’re situated in Melbourne you’re more than welcome to drop by our showroom located at 52B Winterton Road, Clayton, Victoria 3168 where we have numerous examples of slatwall. Our showroom is open Mon – Thurs 9am – 4pm or Fri 9am – 3pm.


Q: When will I receive my tax invoice?
A: Once we have received your order you will receive a tax invoice via email from our accounts department.

Q: How can I pay for my order?
A: You can pay for your order using a Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) which attracts a 2% surcharge, PayPal online or via Direct Deposit into our bank account;


All orders will need to be paid before goods are dispatched or picked up.

Q: I have a question regarding payment, who can I speak to?
A: You can discuss any payment questions with us once your order has been received or call our head office on 1300 662 390 and ask for Accounts.

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