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Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
OSB/3 EDO 100% FSC
OSB is an engineered wood product formed by layering strands of wood in specific orientations. It is suitable for internal use only. It saws and drills easily and may be painted or stained. OSB offers excellent workability.
We use 18mm only.
We source our OSB from Australian companies
Radiata Pine Plywood
We use 18mm Radiata Decorative Plywood (B/B) in a raw state, meaning we do not seal this material with a clear coating. This reduces costs but also allows you to stain it yourself at a shade that works for you and your environment.
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Raw MDF 1.jpg
MDF Raw STD is recommended for interior applications; such as detailed joinery, lacquered furniture, furniture mouldings, built-in furniture, shelving, wall linings and partitions.
Note: MDF Raw STD is designed for interior use only and should not be exposed to damp conditions or high humidity.

We use 18mm only for our online products.
We source our MDF from Australian companies.