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Karya Desk 148

Size: 148 x 74 x 74 cm
Boards thickness: 18 mm
Materials: Various

Connectors (Included): 4 x 105° Connectors



Specifically designed for KARYA 148 cm desks series. This double monitor stand keeps all the monitor’s cables above desktop level! Designed to minimize clutter on your work surface, it improves your posture, raises your monitor to eye level and prevents potential neck strain. Specific designed slots allow you to store pens, mug or smart phones.


Plywood/OSB/Raw MDF supplied with raw edges / Color Board comes with ABS Edging


Please Note: We use 18mm Radiata Plywood (Raw) & 18mm OSB (Oriented Strand Board) (Raw) for these products and due to these being natural materials there could be some blemishes or imperfections. While we feel this is a rather attractive attribute you should to be aware of this. Please see our materials page for more information.

Karya Desk/Table 148

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