MAXe Single Sided Add On Bay 600w x 1480h

Measurements: 600 W x 1480 H

Color: Black/White

Code: ESSA1506.3BK/WH


This MAXe single sided add on kit is 600mm wide and 1480mm high. It consists of 1x 1480mm MAXe posts, 1 x 600mm single joining rail, 1 x 600mm double joining rail, 1x 400mm deep feet and 1x heels for supporting the back of the stand.


Easy to assemble, start by connecting the feet and heels to the posts. Next use the double joining rail at the bottom and the single joining rail at the top to connect the posts together. You can create a longer display by using this add on bay kits.


Customise your stand by selecting shelves, slatwall backing panels, hangrails or backrails to suit your needs.


*Please allow approximately 4 working days for this product*

MAXe Single Sided Add On Bay 600w x 1480h

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